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MMT VINA Company Limited is a company specializing in AF - Coating for phone screen. Our company produces Spray Vacuum AF Coating , deal with related issues of glass surface.
Flexible and responsive design for customer satisfaction
Highly skilled production team with many years of industry experience. Professional, dedicated and attentive sales team
No. 1 market share of main product due to the best quality proven by the customer
The production process is closed, strict and modern, with a nationwide distribution system
Healthy growth has been achieved since 2008 due to the boom in smartphones
Genuine raw materials, rigorous factory quality inspection process
Our products

3m solution of Novec 73DE

- 3M Novec 73DE Engineered Fluid solution is mainly designed to clean the surface of electronic components or hard-to-remove stains such as oil, grease, chemicals.
- 3M Novec 73DE has low surface tension, no flammability and high liquid stability.
- Novec 73DE liquid is a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to n-propyl bromide (nPB or 1-bromopropane), trichlorethylene (TCE), (HCFC), HCFC-225 (Asahiklin AK- 225) .HCFC-141b
- With an advanced formula that provides quick and clear results, 3M novec 73DE chemical meets environmental standards, is fireproof, can be reused. Combine with the ultrasonic system for optimum efficiency.

3M Fluorinert FC-40 solution

- Heat stability
- Chemical stability
- Does not conduct electricity
- Does not cause fire
- High compatibility
- 3M Eletronic Liquid FC-40 solution is colorless, non-conductive, non-flammable.
- 3M Eletronic Liquid FC-40 is used heat transfer (heat transfer) in the field of electronics, semiconductor technology. Also compatible with most materials: metals, elastomers, plastics.

3M Novec 72DA solution

- Does not cause fire
- Does not conduct electricity
- Low toxicity, limiting global warming effect
- Does not affect ozone frequency
- 3M Novec 72DA solution is designed for applications in the electronics field. Novec 72DA is used to clean and remove oil, grease, pollutant ions, ... replacing solvents CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, TCE.

3M Novec 2704 cleaning solution

- Easy to use and handle - evaporate in seconds without heating.
- Does not contain volatile organic compounds VOC, low toxicity, non-flammable, RoHS standards
- Limit global warming
- Stable thermally and electrically with properties like a dielectric
- Resistant to moisture, permeability and adhesion to liquids, water, hydrocarbons, silicones and photosensitive layers.
- Can be used for many types of materials such as: metal, glass, polymer, ..
- 3M Novec 2704 detergent is designed to prevent movement of motors, shafts or lubrication of electronic parts. Also create anti-corrosion coatings for materials: metals, polymers, ceramics, glass.
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Product diversity

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Customers buy products

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Customer reviews
Le Dinh Hieu
I am very satisfied with the product quality provided by MMT Vina. Not only good quality but also reasonable price, suitable for all different needs of customers.

Le Dinh Hieu

Technical staff
Nguyen Anh Đuc
I have used products from many companies, but have not been really satisfied until the introduction of MMT Vina's products. I am completely satisfied with the product quality.

Nguyen Anh Đuc

Sales manager
Le Minh Anh
Working with the staff of MMT Vina I feel very satisfied. You have conscientiousness, wholeheartedly for customers. Thank you very much MMT Vina. Will continue to support your company.

Le Minh Anh

Business man
Le Quoc Binh
Being introduced by my friends about the product quality of MMT Vina, I bought and used it. As the introduction, MMT Vina's products make me very satisfied.

Le Quoc Binh


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