Inficon high precision vacuum gauges
MPG500 / MAG500 /

The INFICON Gemini Inverted Magnetron Vacuum Gauge is the workhorse for all vacuum measurement applications
The Gemini MPG500 combines two sensor technologies in a small device, while the Gemini MAG500 is a cathode variable cold sensing system (no Pirani configuration). The patented ultra-low-field magnetic design opens up a whole new range of applications. The special interchangeable sensor rotary chamber eliminates cleaning cycles and reduces maintenance, making it the most powerful and economical vacuum gauge in its class. The path and piranium inside the sensor are fully ceramic coated for improved corrosion resistance.


Typical Properties

 ⊙ Vacuum measuring range
         MAG500 : 7.6 × 10-10 torr ~7.6 × 10-3 torr
         MPG500 : 7.6 × 10-10 ... (air pressure)
 ⊙ Long service life and fast, reliable ignition in harsh environments
 ⊙ Low magnetic field and selectable measuring current
 ⊙ Quick maintenance - replaceable when ionizing chamber
 ⊙ Excellent corrosion resistance of sensor conductive parts
 ⊙ EtherCAT RS232/RS485 digital interface
 ⊙ Compact size - easy to install
 ⊙ Applicable equipment: HANIL VACUUM, UNIVEC, VACUUMTEC MPG500 – Compatible with vacuum gauges

PSG500 /
Pirani Standard Gauges PSG500 utilizes the most advanced digital Pirani technology available in various fields and the rugged stainless steel sensor cell and compact design can be used for standard applications such as vacuum semiconductor

Typical Properties

⊙ Vacuum measuring range : 3.7 X 10-4 ~ air pressure (ATM)
⊙ Equipped with vacuum control button.
⊙ Space saving with compact design.
⊙ Has an aluminum housing and can be mounted in any orientation.
⊙ Sure because completely made of stainless steel.
⊙ Log output signal system, easy to install.
⊙Full overvoltage protection up to 10 bar to ensure stability
⊙ Made of ROHS compliant materials
⊙ Applicable equipment: HANIL VACUUM, UNIVEC, VACUUMTEC

MPG400 /
Inverted Magnetron Pirani Gauges  The MPG400 measures at atmospheric pressure down to 3.8 × 10-9 Torr. Combining technology into a compact unit with a single log-analog output signal greatly reduces the complexity of installation, setup and integration.

Typical Properties

 ⊙ Vacuum measuring range : 3.8×10-9 Torr ~ air pressure (ATM)
 ⊙ Combination meter - Inverted Magnetron and Pirani
 ⊙ The measuring filament is not oxidized, so it has high durability.
 ⊙ Excellent filament ignition properties
 ⊙ Easy cleaning
 ⊙ Maintain air tightness by FPM or metal sealed feed holes.
 ⊙ LED for turing –on high voltage
 ⊙ Applicable equipment: UNIVEC, MPG500 can also be installed

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