Inficon Crystal sensor
Crystal sensor /
Crystal sensor Gold(6Mhz)
 P/N 750-1028-G10(2Side)

Crystal sensor Gold(6Mhz)
 P/N 750-1000-G10(1Side)

Gold, Silver, Alloy
manufactured base on request

INFICON crystals sensor  are 100% tested for accuracy and reliability. Crystal quality and longevity have a significant impact not only on the accuracy of speed and thickness, but also on the completion of processes. INFICON crystals sensor offer proven quality and reliability. This has been proven by millions of successful processes running in a wide variety of materials and industrial applications. INFICON's 6 MHz crystal is used in all INFICON controllers and displays. 5 MHz crystals can only be used with 5 MHz devices, can not compatible with some other INFICON devices. The 6 MHz and 5 MHz crystals are gold, silver or alloy electrodes that can be manufactured base on request. The manufactured quartz crystals allow easy distribution to the customer, minimizing operator manipulation and the risk of contamination. To make the crystals more cleanroom friendly, we have eliminated the paper and foam inserts making the packs stackable for easy storage.

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